Birthday Parties

Children’s parties are fun, exciting and memorable at Downham Leisure. We guarantee to provide maximum enjoyment and fun leaving you to relax and enjoy. We have a great range of facilities available to host the chosen party and a package to suit all requirements. Each party includes 1 hour of activity, equipment, party invitations and 30 minutes use of the aerobeic studio afterwards for refreshments. For children 6 years and upwards.

Multi Sports
Multisport parties are a mixture between run around games and team sports allowing children the opportunity to experience several different activities within the duration of the party.

Pool Parties
Pool Parties are for those who enjoy making lots of splash and noise in the swimming pool with the use of large floats making it an even more momentous occasion.

Roller Skating Ages 7+
All roller skating parties give new and experienced skaters the chance to come together for some birthday fun.

Run Around Games
These parties are designed for the younger age range. This session will involve traditional party activities allowing all children to join in the fun and games.

Team Sports
A team sports party allows you to select a specific sport to have at your party, whether it is Football, Basketball, Uni Hoc, Cricket or any other sport you may require.


Sports hall parties £50.10 (for 1 hour of activity, up to 15 children)

Pool parties £158 (for 1 hour of activity, up to 29 children)

Any numbers over the above guidelines will require additional members of staff at an additional cost.

To check availability and to book please contact 01366 386868